How to Fix WhatsApp 'Create Channel' Not Showing

Create Channel Option in WhatsApp Not Present, Who Can Create WhatsApp Channel?

A new function named "Channels" was just introduced in the WhatsApp instant messaging service, which is owned by Meta. Worldwide availability of WhatsApp Channels is not with standing, not all users have yet had access to most channel-specific functionality.

If you're unaware, WhatsApp Channels are streaming groups that you can join to receive exclusive content. To get updates, you can subscribe to the well-liked WhatsApp channels of organizations or celebrities. The updates on WhatsApp Channels are more akin to one-way communications that administrators may deliver to their subscribers. The admin of a WhatsApp Channel can post text, images, videos, stickers, polls, and other content to the Channel.


WhatsApp, commonly referred to as WhatsApp Messenger, offers free calling and texting. You may use it to communicate with others by sending messages, placing calls, and sharing files like photographs and documents. Both PCs and phones can use it. You need a phone number to utilize it. A Californian startup named WhatsApp Inc. How To Fix WhatsApp channel was created. Later, in 2014, Facebook purchased WhatsApp. Once WhatsApp gained popularity, there were more than 2 billion users worldwide by the year 2020. WhatsApp is widely used in regions like Latin America, India, Europe, and Africa by many people to communicate online.

Despite being a free function, WhatsApp Channels has several issues. Many users have recently encountered issues like "Create Channel Not Showing on WhatsApp." Users claim that while WhatsApp channels are accessible, they are unable to start new ones. Therefore, keep reading the tutorial if you want to build a WhatsApp Channel but the build Channel option is not available on WhatsApp. We've covered the reasons why you can't build a WhatsApp channel below, along with what you can do to fix the issue.

Features of WhatsApp

Here are some intriguing WhatsApp features!

  • Over time, WhatsApp has undergone substantial modifications and improvements.
  • Voice messaging, two-factor authentication, and video call capabilities are notable upgrades.
  • Like stories on other platforms, users may now share status updates.
  • For a new visual experience, "Dark mode" was implemented.
  • The integration of animated stickers from third parties and a "mute forever" option for conversations.
  • The program now allows for the transmission of bigger files and has increased its upload cap.
  • Users now have control over the display of their online status thanks to improved privacy choices.
  • Data security was increased by using end-to-end encryption for backups.
  • The most recent update to WhatsApp preserved end-to-end encryption while allowing account access from various phones.
  • Now, users have a 15-minute window after sending a message to amend it.

Who is Enabled to Create WhatsApp Channels?

A function called WhatsApp Channels, which is equivalent to broadcasting messages to a larger audience, is now being phased down and is only accessible in a few nations. The limited availability of channel creation is a result of WhatsApp's deliberate decision to introduce this function gradually to all users worldwide. With this strategy, WhatsApp can gather user feedback, spot any problems, and make the required adjustments before a wider rollout.

Joining the queue is one way to demonstrate interest if you're keen to use WhatsApp Channels. By doing this, you can be sure that you'll be notified as soon as the function is made available in your area. WhatsApp is still committed to improving the channel experience, offering channel managers more features and functions as they develop and improve this product based on user requirements and preferences. 

Why doesn't WhatsApp's 'Create Channel' feature appear?

On WhatsApp, the 'Create Channel' option is not available for some specific reason. WhatsApp made it clear on its blog that while the Channels have started to roll out, not everyone has access to them. You must sign up for the waitlist if the Channels are not shown under the Updates page. When the WhatsApp Channels become accessible, you will be alerted once you are in the queue. The business is progressively introducing additional functionalities even in areas where WhatsApp Channels are already accessible.

Therefore, it's probable that you will see how to create WhatsApp channels, but you might not have access to some functions, such as the ability to establish a channel. The feature is obviously not yet accessible to you if Create Channel is not available on WhatsApp. Utilizing an out-of-date WhatsApp version might be one of the other causes.

How to Fix WhatsApp 'Create Channel' Not Showing

There isn't much you can do to fix this if WhatsApp doesn't have the Create Channel available. The features are being gradually rolled out, so it could take a few more weeks or months for everyone to receive them. You may take a few actions in the interim to address Create Channel not appearing on WhatsApp. These techniques, however, will only be effective if the functionality is accessible.

1) Verify if channels are accessible in your area.

It's crucial to remember that while WhatsApp Channels have started rolling out internationally, not everyone has access to them just yet. It has been implemented so far in 150 nations. The functionality won't be available in other areas for a few more weeks or months. Even though WhatsApp Channels are accessible, their functions are being added one by one. 

In its official blog, WhatsApp stated that you might not yet have access to some services, such as the ability to create a new channel. As a result, if Create Channels is not available to you, the functionality probably isn't yet.

2) Verify that WhatsApp is updated

The fact that Create Channel uses an older version of the App is another significant factor in why it is unavailable on WhatsApp. The first thing you need to do is upgrade the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store if you want to experience the new WhatsApp Channels. 

You won't be able to view or add a new Channel if you are using an old version of the WhatsApp client. Update the WhatsApp app by going to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

3) Verify Device Compatibility

When using an outdated smartphone, though, device compatibility won't be an issue. On current iPhones and Android phones, certain WhatsApp features are designed to function. The likelihood is that you won't see WhatsApp Channels if you sideloaded the WhatsApp software on your Android to rule out compatibility difficulties. For this reason, to experience the new WhatsApp Channels, make sure your Android or iPhone is compatible. 

4) Examine the Server Status

WhatsApp occasionally experiences outages, much like every other instant messaging service for Android & iPhone. Sometimes, maintenance causes the servers to go offline. Most of the functions of the WhatsApp app, including the ability to create channels, are unavailable when the servers are offline. 

Therefore, you should check for server-side issues if you used to be able to build WhatsApp Channels but can't now. For real-time information on WhatsApp's server status, keep an eye on this page from downdetector. You must wait for the servers to be operational again if they are down.

5) Enroll in WhatsApp's beta program

You might try enrolling in the WhatsApp Beta Programme to improve your chances of receiving the ability to build a channel. While it's not a guarantee, doing so raises your chances of being approved for WhatsApp Channels. You must sign up to be an app beta tester to get WhatsApp Beta for Android

Joining the WhatsApp Beta Programme is a difficult procedure; for more information, see our post on how to download WhatsApp Beta. Read the article and sign up to test out the WhatsApp app. The WhatsApp Messenger (Beta) app must then be updated from the official app store after completion.

6) Download the WhatsApp for Business app.

Typically, WhatsApp Business accounts have access to the option to build WhatsApp Channels. Therefore, to improve your chances of becoming eligible, you can consider downloading the WhatsApp Business app. The WhatsApp Business app is available for free download on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, in case you weren't aware. You may manage your firm more effectively with the aid of the tools it gives.

It is simple to switch over to a business account from an existing WhatsApp Messenger account. The new Business account will receive your conversation history and media files as a result. But if you quit using the Business app, your communication history won't be transferred back to WhatsApp Messenger. You can set up the WhatsApp Business app by using the procedures below in such cases.
  1. Install and download the WhatsApp Business App.
  2. Now double-check your company's phone number.
  3. Restore the backup's data to your current account.
  4. To complete the settings, enter your company name.
  5. Once finished, finish creating your profile. For a complete list of choices, choose More Choices> Settings.
All done! You may create a WhatsApp Business account in this manner. Once created, hit the (+) sign in the Updates tab and choose Create Channel.

How can I make a WhatsApp channel on an iPhone or an Android?

If your account has the Create Channel option, you may quickly create a WhatsApp Channel. On both Android and iPhone, we have provided a comprehensive tutorial for setting up WhatsApp channels. you learn the steps, be sure you read that tutorial.

Follow our tutorial, WhatsApp Channels: How to Find, Join, and Create Channels, for additional details on managing WhatsApp channels. To repair "Create Channel Not Showing" on WhatsApp, refer to this method. We have covered every reason why Create Channel could not be accessible on WhatsApp. If you need any assistance setting up WhatsApp channels on your Android or iPhone, let us know.

Not Showing Whatsapp Create Channel Option - FAQs

Firstly, what is WhatsApp?

The free chat and calling app WhatsApp, often known as WhatsApp Messenger, is accessible on both desktops and mobile devices. By utilizing their phone number, users can send messages, make calls, and share a variety of information, including photographs and documents.

2. Who developed WhatsApp?

California-based WhatsApp Inc. is the organization that created the popular messaging app. Later, Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014, substantially boosting the platform's popularity.

3. How many individuals use WhatsApp?

One of the most commonly used messaging apps worldwide, WhatsApp has a user base of more than 2 billion people worldwide.

4. Why, in contrast to other platforms, does WhatsApp not offer the opportunity to "Create Channel"?

To retain its focus on one-on-one and group communication, WhatsApp has chosen not to offer a "Create Channel" function. WhatsApp prioritizes private and direct communication, which is consistent with its dedication to privacy and safe chats, in contrast to platforms like Telegram that place an emphasis on public channels.

5. Is WhatsApp popular in particular areas?

Yes, WhatsApp is particularly well-liked in places like Latin America, India, Europe, and Africa, where a large number of people depend on the service for online communication and interactions.