Gboard is broken in some Wear OS apps: You aren't alone

You aren't alone: Gboard is not working in some Wear OS applications

Gboard, Google's well-known virtual keyboard, has long been a feature of Android devices, including Wear OS. However, according to recent reports, Gboard is having problems when utilized in specific Wear OS applications. This article investigates the source of the problem, investigates its impact on users, and offers suggestions for potential remedies. Wear OS 4 arrived on several of our favorite Android smartwatches a few months ago, with notable additions such as improved battery management and native applications for Gmail and Google Calendar.

A number of customers reported their Android smartwatches behaving up when running Gboard on the newest Wear OS version on Reddit and Google's community support site. If you change the default keyboard on your Samsung wristwatch from Samsung's first-party selection to Gboard, this strange little glitch prevents Gboard from showing while using a number of apps, including one from Google.

When you start a new note in applications like Google Keep and TickTick (or wherever else the qwerty keyboard is required in the app), the screen quickly turns blank, leaving users with no ability to input anything. Within a few weeks, Samsung released the newest upgrade to its oldest Wear OS wearable models. While Google's wristwatch OS has a few problems that are readily fixed, a current Wear OS issue is breaking Gboard in specific apps and looks to be impacting a large number of users.

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Gboard on Wear OS Overview

Gboard, Google's adaptable virtual keyboard, is intended to improve typing experience across a variety of Android devices. Its integration with Wear OS has been a major feature for people who want to communicate seamlessly on their smartwatches. The significance of Gboard functionality Gboard's capability goes beyond simple typing, with capabilities such as predictive text, voice input, and emoji recommendations. Its effective utilization is critical for a seamless and easy Wear OS user experience.

It is worth mentioning that just a few applications are impacted by this Gboard flaw, and a Reddit user has compiled a list of them. Bring, Google Keep, Samsung Alarm, Samsung Reminder, TickTick, Todoist, and Weargram are among the applications impacted. Given that most other prominent applications aren't affected, it's possible that these programs, rather than the OS or the Gboard app for Wear OS, are to blame. A Google product expert in its support group elevated the matter to the team, but we have yet to learn the company's specific explanation.

Gboard's Future on Wear OS

Wear OS customers may expect major improvements in Gboard functioning as Google works to resolve the highlighted concerns. Future upgrades are intended to focus on improved compatibility and seamless interaction with a variety of apps.

 The Wear OS community has indicated particular hopes for Gboard upgrades, such as better responsiveness, lower latency, and a more user-friendly user interface. Users are encouraged by the prospect of a better typing experience on their smartwatches.


Finally, the reported bugs with Gboard on Wear OS have emphasized the difficulties in preserving keyboard functioning across a wide range of applications. While problems remain, Google's acknowledgment and commitment to correcting the flaws gives optimism for a better user experience in the near future.  As Wear OS evolves, user and developer engagement becomes increasingly important in addressing compatibility concerns. The reported Gboard bugs highlight the importance of continuing communication and upgrades to maintain a smooth experience for Wear OS users.


Do all Wear OS users have Gboard issues?
  • No, the problems appear to be limited to certain programs, and not all Wear OS users are affected.
What can users do to temporarily resolve Gboard bugs?
  • Some users have had luck by adjusting Gboard settings and reinstalling certain programs.
Has Google set a timetable for resolving Gboard issues on Wear OS?
  • While Google has recognized the concerns, no timetable for resolution has been offered.
Are there any other keyboards available for Wear OS users who are having problems with Gboard?
  • Some Wear OS platform users have looked at different keyboard possibilities.